Pretty rooms

I'm on Pinterest a lot. One of the things I love to pin are pics of rooms so beautifully decorated. My home is very important to me as I want myself and my family so enjoy our space. To feel comfortable and to enjoy the aesthetics of a nicely decorated room. I'm sharing with you some of my favourites and will do so on a weekly basis. Enjoy:
I LOVE the horse painting and the relaxed living room they put together in this one:
I don't what it is about this chair combo but I love the turquoise pillows with the nude little statue:
Such a pretty office space:
This kitchen is so dynamic. I love the counters:


Sarajan (Jan to friends!)

I'm SO excited to be your first follower! And really glad I happened upon your blog. --Jan


Thank you Jan!

Tam Hess

Beautiful rooms, I love collecting them on pintrest! What fun :)

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