My Miley

Until five years ago this coming April, I've never had a dog. Cats? Yes. But never a dog. We decided to get the kids a dog. A small to medium sized dog fits our lifestyle. One that does not shed. Massive amount of dog hair is a turn off. So, after some research we decided to find a Cockapoo. Half poodle and half cockerspaniel. After a short search we found a family whom had puppies. Long story short, we brought home that adorable little baby of a puppy. She cried for her mommy and I wondered what the hell did I get myself into. I said no to her being on the couch but after my husband allowed her on the couch once she cried to be let up. It took just one time for me to melt and forever let her cuddle with us on the couch. How can I say no to such an adorable little puppy. Fast forward to today and she has become my buddy. I trained her to go to the bathroom outside, I walk her, I feed her, I take her to the groomers and in exchange she gives me unconditional love. She is always by my side. Never questions me, never criticizes me. Just loves me. What do I give her? The best care I can give her. I spoil her and treat her like my forever baby. She follows me everywhere. I mean everywhere. If I could take her to work, I would.


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